Saturday, January 31, 2009

Sailing Away

Traveling in style 1946 --
Passport folder: Mark Cross, medium brown leather, logo stamped in gold
Places for landing card, luggage check, rail ticket, passport, business cards
Photo of a distinguished 60-something man, crisp white shirt, paisley tie, pocket handkerchief (monogrammed, surely). Bold signature. Strong face, high cheekbones.
Passport: crowded with French and Swiss rubber stamps; beautiful paper stamps from England; one year of a life on the road for the Maggi Company.

Earlier passages on the Aquitania, the Majestic, the Java, and the Queen of Bermuda.

On which ship did this man sail home to New York in 1946? Quick search, no ship ...

... because he flew! Pan American Airways Flight 101. Passenger #2.

The only way to travel.
In memoriam Frederick Chase Hitch. Every picture tells a story.

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